Front Office

The front end of the solution is driven by a secure easy-to-use POS application running on our ultra-modern touch screen ruggedized hybrid POS manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use.

This device is  our flagship eTMS 300 variance which is connected to our ruggged back office through 3G and Wifi

Key Features and Benefits

1.Reduced Fraud 

Agents can verify customers’ identities and access profiles and account information in person quickly, in order to process transactions promptly and securely. This data is linked with the in-store back-end systems and provides branch managers with live reporting of the transactions that have taken place, eliminating the possibility of fraud. 

2.Payment Verification 

Customers are provided with a printed receipt of their Transaction the moment it is processed so they can validate what they deposited and when. Additional SMS functionalities are also available. 

3.Total Cost of Ownership 

The time savings that result from the new system has a number of cost benefits, most notably reduced administrative costs. With staff now having to spend less time auditing accounts and tracking payments, they can focus on other key operational issues – thus improving their effectiveness to the business. 

4.Transaction Validation 

Live connectivity means transactions can be processed instantaneously. Agents can now collect more payments each day, improving their efficiency whilst branch managers can gain a greater understanding of the performance of the agents and the number of payments they are collecting. This ultimately improves customer service as customers can not only be dealt with and quickly with minimal hassle but by a system they can trust. 

5.Increased Security 

Agents can use the system to provide a live record of the money they have collected, from whom and at what time to their branch managers. Customers also now have a recognisable system which they can trust. This reduces the opportunity for money to be misplaced, lost in the system or pocketed by rogue collection agents. 

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